It's finally here: Knockout Body 2.0!!


Knockout Body 2.0 comes with 16 Ebooks, and gives you all the tools to help you lose weight and learn how to live a happy healthy life!  I teach you how to enjoy the journey, working out and accept that any food can be a positive part of your life and not the enemy!!


Here's what you get:

 1 .Intro to Success

 2. Knowing How to Knock It Out

 3. Training Fundamentals

 4. Workouts - Block 1

 5. Workouts - Block 2

 6. Workouts - Beginner Basics

 7. Exercise Variations

 8. HIIT & Cardio

 9. Curvy Glutes

10. Nutrition Fundamentals

11. Food Flexibility List

12. Recipes

13. Treat Yourself Handbook

14. Vitamins & Supplements

15. Holiday Handbook

16. Meal Plans (you choose your calorie range, also available in Vegetarian & Vegan)

*all ebooks can be downloaded after through the membership page*

Knockout Body 2.0