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How not to Overindulge on the Weekend!

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Alrighty so I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to not overindulge on the weekends. I know it's Sunday and it's a little late for me to share this info with you, but hey- there's always next weekend! Treating yourself is necessary to stay sane, but if you're finding that you're doing everything perfectly during the week but doing absolutely terrible on weekends- you could be just spinning your wheels and preventing progress. - - 1. Don't starve yourself during the week! If you find you're feeling way too deprived Mon-Fri, you're more likely to go out of control on weekends. Find a sustainable method of eating you enjoy. - . 2. Plan activities that don't revolve around food. I love food so I'll be the first to admit that eating plans are fun, but your plans don't HAVE to revolve around them every weekend. Go rollerblading, hiking, to the beach, etc. - . 3. Put some structure into your day. Lack of routine on weekends can make it really easy to just start eating what whatever you want the moment you wake up. Plan to have a nice healthy breakfast when you wake up, then hit the gym, that's already a great start!- . 4. Try and get a general idea of what you plan on eating. If I just start snacking on various high cal food here and there, it's a lot easier for me to over eat throughout the day. Plan out a decent sized meal with your favourite dessert. I'll be the first one to admit that if I'm not careful I will easily eat an entire carton of ice cream in a short period of time (oops). So my personal goal is to better plan out my treat meals to practice moderation and avoid over indulging. -

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