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Attention - I need YOUR help!!

I’m currently conducting research for a project I’m working on about professional women who are working towards their fitness goals and struggling to balance their career goals and busy lives.


If this is you and you’re open to it, I would really appreciate it if we could hop on a quick

call and I could ask you a few questions. This info will not be shared with anyone.


Here is my Calendly link:  (only for research calls)


Ps. If you know anyone else that would be interested please send them my way!


Let Laura guide you as your

Online Trainer. 

She'll show you how to change your life with her challenging workouts and amazing meal plans.

Knockout Body 2.0

Fresh Green Salad with Feta

The Knockout Body 2.0 Program lets you achieve a knockout physique while eating the foods you love! 


Workouts target key areas with efficient exercises in less time.  You will receive a Welcome Book that will be your guide to the full program!  You will also receive a number of other guides, membership to the Member's Area to access workout books, meal plans, videos of all exercises, food substitution list and so much more!

This isn’t an extreme quick fix

When you follow the Knockout Body Workout & Meal Plan, you can go to a holiday dinner, have some dessert and a glass of wine and wake up the next morning feeling leaner. 

You’ll walk in feeling calm and collected because you will know HOW to indulge and reach your goals.

welcome pic2-med.jpg
You can squeeze in a quick but very effective workout to get your metabolism rapidly burning calories. You’ll have some properly planned treats and find they actually make you feel BETTER the next day.
This is a lifestyle change that you can maintain forever. You’re not just going to achieve a knockout physique, you’re going to maintain it!

About Me

welcome pic1-sm.jpg
My name is Laura, and  I am a Certified personal trainer, and an online coach and fitness model. I have been interested in fitness and lifting for over eight years.  I am very passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals, and love to share the knowledge I have. I love online coaching, because it allows me to reach and help so many more people.
Until I took a scientific approach to my fat loss and muscle building goals, I was never able to really see any results.  I want to teach people that you can live a happy, balanced life, eat foods you enjoy, while being fit! This means no cookie cutter plans with bland diets and hours of cardio. In order to have sustainable results, you want to make a lifestyle change, and that is what I want to help you do!

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