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Knockout Body 2.0


Intro to Success

  • find all the tools you need here, plus important things to remember, and tips

Knowing How to Knock It Out

  • all the basic, glossary, a summary of the workout program, cutting your workouts from 5 to 3 days, what to do when you are sore!

Beginner Basics

  • workouts for newbies or if you haven't worked out for a while.

Workouts - Blocks 1 & 2

  • each block has 4 weeks, easy to follow, flexible with room to grow & improve

Exercise Variations

  • list of over 200 exercises & videos showing you how to do the exercises

Knockout Home Alternatives

  • how to adjust the workouts  if you can't make it to the gym

HIIT & Cardio Guide

  • all you need to know (how much, how long & what kinds),

  •   bonus: a selection of circuit options

Nutrition Fundamentals

  • instructions for calculating calories & protein, using MFP, and other important tips for success!

Meal Plans

  • 2 weeks of meal plans, includes vegetarian & vegan plans, ranges from 1400-2400 calories 


  • recipes for the meal plans, plus extra recipes & bonus vegan recipes!

Knockout Holiday Guide

  • workout strategies & eating plans to let you enjoy the holidays!

Food Flexibility List

  • use this list for ideas when you want to swap out food you don't like or don't have!

Treat Yourself Guide

  • how to survive treat meals, and eating at a restaurant 

Vitamins & Supplements

  • some of the basics, what they do, and how they help!

Training Fundamentals

  • info on lifting, choosing weight, progressive overload, plus lots more!


Bonus #1

BC-CURVY GLUTES_edited.png

Curvy Glute Workout

  • Glute activation workouts.

  • Will give you the glutes you've always wanted!

Bonus #2

welcome pic2-sm_edited.jpg

Laura's Lifting Squad

  • Join to my Private Facebook Group for success!

  • Supportive community of women!

Bonus #3


Nutrition Kickoff Seminar

  • Lots of great info about nutrition and how this is important on your new journey!

Bonus #4

Knockout Body 2.0 App.jpg

Knockout Body 2.0 App

  • Access this app for workouts and info from your coach!

 Bonus #1

Reverse Dieting.png

Reverse Dieting Guide

  • Learn how to properly reverse diet!!

Bonus #2

Weekend Warrior.png

Weekend Warrior

  • Learn how to make it through the weekend!




I understand your journey, because I HAVE BEEN THERE TOO!!


  • Sculpt the Lean, Curvy And Athletic Body You Crave WITHOUT Giving Up ANY Of The Foods You Love…

  • Melt stubborn fat from your body so you can showcase a flat belly that you love.

  • Quick stimulating workouts, plus add muscle to your butt and legs that'll make an impression!

  • You'll experience more energy that'll make everyday life easier and more enjoyable!


Will you be next??

I'm so proud of these clients!!

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You can be part of Laura's Lifting Squad like these ladies!!

Here's what some of them have to say about KOB2.0!!


Both physical & mental health have become huge priorities in my life and I've come to realize the latter is arguably more important than the former, and while the physical changes are much more apparent, I'm far more proud of the ones you can't see. Working on them both simultaneously has made me a better human, and for the first time in a long time, I'm so excited for whatever the future holds. A million thanks to Laura for quite literally changing my life! 


I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am with this program, I'll be 41 this month and have never focused on lifting like this before, my clothes are looser, and my  confidence is sky high!!   I feel so good!! Thank you for everything you do!


I just wanted to send little progress positivity to your inbox! I work like a maniac and don't get to the gym very much, but when I do I have your workout guide and do the right stuff & make better food choices.  In 6 months I was surprised to see positive changes that were easy! Best part is I'm mentally in a good place, and still making changes!  Thanks for your program and epic educational social media material!!


I just wanted to thank you so much for your plan and sare with you all that it has done for me.  I tried other plans but none that were sustainable. After buying KOB, I fell in love with the gym, I have so much more confidence and am no longer afraid to try new things!  I couldn't be happier with everything!


KOB has been LIFE Changing!  This plan is everything I have been looking for and more.  It has helped me create sustainable life-changing habits, I am no longer a victim to overeating and have learned to still enjoy my favorite things in moderation.  It has also changed my mindset, I feel the best I ever have.  I just started it again, it has so many options and is very flexible! I also love the great support system too!  Great investment, this will change your life!!


I wanted to thank you for teaching me the importance of fuelling your body and not being afraid of EATING!!  Since I joined your program, I was at 1600 calories and now I am up to 1825 calories and have found myself losing weight as I increased my calories, although unintentional.  You're the Best!!


First Time I've felt AMAZING on vacation in a long time!  After 5 days of eating and drinking, I still felt good and didn't put on weight! I'm so excited to get back in the gym and kitchen after this and see what else  I can do before summer hits.  Thanks so much for the plan!  I'm feeling confident and SUPER HOT!!


Laura, I have been doing your program for 5 weeks now and couldn't wait any longer to share my progress.  I've always struggled with my weight and to finally see some progress is fabulous.  Your plan is so easy to follow, no overthinking what foods to eat, and the exercises are great and I love how I can still have treats.  I feel so much better about myself already!  You are Amazing!! Thanks for making it so easy!

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CLICK THE "Knockout Body 2.0" 

($832 VALUE)  ONLY $145 

PLUS bonuses!!!

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