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I signed up for Laura’s personalized meal and training plan program towards the end of September 2018. Prior to that, I had lost 15 pounds on my own, but then my body completely plateaued from February 2018-September 2018. I had been trying desperately to tone my body and get abs, so I began eating healthy and working out 6-7 days a week. Despite my efforts, my body was not changing, and I still had a “skinny-fat” look. I felt very frustrated and almost wanted to just give up.....

Client Stories!


My name is Patrice I just completed the 6 week nutritional plan with Laura. So just a little background, I came across Laura's IG page a few months ago and I absolutely loved her story /fitness journey and how relatable it was to my own. The fact that she too had struggled with finding and sticking to a nutritional plan that not only was effective for her but that actually worked long term was crucial to me. I competed in a NPC fitness competition a few years back......



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