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- keep shoulders back, don’t let

  your back round
- keep bar against legs throughout

  entire movement
- push through your legs when

  standing up, straighten legs and

  stand upright in a fluid movement

Assisted Chin Ups:

- focus on squeezing your

  back/shoulder blades together
- keep movement controlled

Lat Pull Down:

- lower bar on to upper chest,

  think about pulling the bar towards

  you instead of straight down
- lean back slightly, keep chest up
- squeeze shoulder blades together

Hammer Curl:

- keep upper arms pinned to

  sides, only move arm from

  the elbow down in order to

  better isolate the biceps

Push Ups:

- lower chest to floor, push back up
- keep elbows in

-can do a modified version with

  knees on the floor

Cable Row:

- sit far back enough so knees

  are slightly bent
- pull towards you and squeeze

  shoulder blades together. Keep

  movement controlled, don’t use

  momentum to pull weight back

Incline Seated Bicep Curl:

- don’t completely straighten arm

  at the bottom, keep a slight bend
- upper arm should stay in a fixed

  position, only move from elbow

  down to properly isolate bicep

Machine Row:

- use any type of rowing back machine
- squeeze shoulder blades when

  bringing machine back,

  drive elbows back
- control the movement, don’t swing

  or use momentum

Note: any type of back rowing machine works

Face Pull:

- pull ropes back towards your face
- drive elbows back and squeeze

  shoulder blades

Incline Dumbbell Press:

- lower dumbbells to either side

  of upper chest
- push weights up and together

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