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Sculpt The Lean, Curvy And Athletic Body You Crave WITHOUT Giving Up ANY Of The Foods You Love…



To show-off the luxury of a curvy body that others can’t help but admire? And give off rare positive energy to everyone around you? Because you’re confident, empowered and satisfied…

Confident because you look leaner and feel better than you have for years. Empowered because you’re fit and full of energy. And satisfied because you’re eating all of the foods you love while shaping your body just how you like it…


STARTING TODAY you can too…

Now Think Of Your Body…

What would it be like to LOOK and FEEL like a MILLION BUCKS everywhere you go?

Will you be next??

You’re Probably Wondering 

Who am I and why you should listen to me.... 


Hi. My name’s Laura Michelle

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness model and well sought-after online coach…

And I can honestly say I know what it’s like to feel frustrated, flabby and afraid that I’d never feel comfortable in my body… And because you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve felt the same way. In fact…

I hear from women all the time and how they struggle over and over with dieting and overeating, and even though they keep trying nothing seems to work.

And I was certainly one of those women. I would begin a diet with enthusiasm. (sometimes reluctance). And dive-in head first. Cutting out desserts, sugar, alcohol, and bread… And for short periods of time, I was able to turn away temptations…

But they always ended up getting the best of me…

Because The More I Resisted My Cravings..                               

And the more diets I tried, the more weight I gained…

Because the moment I stepped “off track” I experienced shame and regret. Even if I ate the slightest piece of cake, I felt like a failure…

And then I’d continue eating… Until I over-ate because of how bad I felt about myself. Every diet told me that I couldn’t eat the foods I loved or made me feel good. And I missed them so much that I couldn’t control myself around them…

But the next morning was always worse…

After a night of overeating, I’d wake up bloated. With a puffy face. Thinking about how hard I’d have to work to “undo” the damage I’d done the night before…

And after years of the same struggles I realized all diets set you up for disappointment…

And make you feel like a failure. Because there’s no wiggle room for you to enjoy life, eat what you want and still look great… And that’s when I decided to create a lifestyle plan of my own. The same plan that you’re only moments away from gaining access to…

The more cravings I had!

So you’ll… 

Never feel GUILTY eating food you LOVE ever again...


Because after years of yo-yo dieting I finally learned the only requirements for showing off an amazing body… And making your physique fantasies come true… And guess what…

It was EASIER than I ever imagined possible. And after only a few days, I wondered how I ever got along without it. In weeks, I started getting into the best shape of my life…

Before I knew it, I was even “checking myself out” in the mirror. Amazed by the results I’d seen. All because I FORCED my favorite foods to work for my body. And gave myself a pat on the back after eating them…


And in just a moment I’m going to show you how to get that lean & toned body you have always wanted while eating all the foods you enjoy… GUILT-FREE… And while torching stubborn body fat off your physique for good…

So you can finally achieve the look you deserve… And feel more confident in your own skin than you have in years. (maybe even ever)…

Indulge Your Cravings

And Sculpt a Knockout Body at the Same Time!

Dream Body Mistake #1

  • One of the worst things you can do when trying to achieve the body of your dreams is depriving yourself of the foods you love…

  • Your body craves the foods you “can’t have”. 

  • You act impulsively,  leading to binge eating, over-eating, then you may end up under eating to compensate 

  • Remember--extreme approaches result in extreme disappointment.


Dream Body Mistake #2

  • Modern fat-loss programs require you to spend lots of time in the gym and preparing meals.

  • You don’t have time to drive to the gym, train for hours, then drive home - you would rather spend more time relaxing!

  • Long workouts don’t equate to fat loss or increased muscle tone.  

  • You need a lifestyle solution that fits neatly into your daily routine… 

time consumption

Dream Body Mistake #3

  • Most women fail their weight loss plan before they even begin because  you don't have clear instructions on how to succeed

  •  Expectations are unrealistic and aren't sustainable for long term.

  • Workouts aren't helping you develop good habits, instead they push you to do Fit-Chick Science Workouts!

  • Don't feel frustrated with half-baked strategies anymore.

half baked strategy

Dream Body Solution #1

  • With flexible eating you won’t miss out on a single food you love…

  • Make this is a lifestyle choice allowing you to eat, drink and still shrink! Any food you want. Whenever you want…

  • No more denying yourself specific foods

  • No more missing out on events with friends & family

  • Learn how to love food again and not feel guilty

flexible eating

Dream Body Solution #2

  • Knockout Body 2.0 uses your time wisely

  • Learn to maximize your workouts and meal prep time.

  • Instead of hours of time wasted gym time and time spent in the kitchen is minimized so you can spend time with family & friends.

  • Knockout Body teaches you everything you need to know and for almost every type of situation.

kob smart training

Dream Body Solution #3

  • Knockout Body workouts encourage you to push yourself, resulting in increased metabolism, burning fat & building muscle

  • Results in improved body recomp and the lean look you want!l

  • Workouts are efficient and can work around your schedule.

  • Guidelines are clear and concise

  • Knockout Body puts you on the road to a better you!

kNOckout body strategy

These 3 Dream Body Solutions Combined Into

One Amazingly Simple Program will make Achieving 


Think about it. You can shape your body the way you want it to look. While enjoying chocolate cake and a glass of wine (or whatever your pleasure is). Because each bite will WORK ON YOUR TERMS…

And melt stubborn fat from your body. So you can showcase a flat belly that you love. Plus, with quick and stimulating workouts, you’ll add muscle to your butt and legs that’ll make an impression in every room…

You’ll also experience more energy that’ll make everyday life easy and enjoyable.

You don’t have to wait any longer to experience life inside the body you crave.

Your dream look is only one-click away…


Knockout Body 2.0

Today you can get instant access to the Knockout Body 2.0 with me! Which includes V.I.P. treatment in the Knockout Body Membership site and the full range of life-changing guides, plans and workouts so you can rock your body with confidence…

And show off your lean and toned look around the clock…


 Welcome Book

  • Welcome to Knockout Body 2.0 - you need to start with this book

  • lists which books you need to read first

  • it also tells you how and where to access all of the books

Workouts - Block 1

  • this is your first four weeks of workouts

  • each day is laid out for you, making this so easy for you to follow

  • even your rest days are included

  • perfect for success!

Workouts - Block 2

  • here's the next 4 weeks of your program

  • these workouts are designed to keep on going if you want

  • no need to go and buy more expensive programs!

Beginner Basics

  • are you a beginner, or has it been a while since you worked out?  

  • this is the perfect place for you to start, it will prepare you for the Block 1 & Block 2!

Exercise Variations

  • here you will find a list of over 200 exercises and links to videos with Laura showing you how to do each one

  • use this if you have had an injury and need to change exercises

Knowing How To: Knock It Out

  • all the basics, including a glossary 

  • summary of the workout program

  • how to cut your workouts from 5 to 3/4 days if your time is limited

  • what to do when you are sore!

Training Fundamentals

  • all the important stuff about lifting, and more, like what is an RPE!

  • how to choose weights

  • progressive overload & it's importance

  • why resting is necessary!

HIIT & Cardio Guide

  • your guide to HIIT and cardio teaches you all you need to know

  • how much, how long, what kind?

  • BONUS - a selection of circuit options for you to do!

Intro To Success

  • this book gives you all the tools to be successful on this exciting journey

  • important things to remember, tips, assessing your progress, getting the results you want and more!

Meal Plans

  • 2 week meal plans available for regular, vegetarian & vegan eaters

  • plans range from 1400-2400

  • don't like to follow meal plans? Use them to give you ideas!

Nutrition Fundamentals

  • top 3 priorities for nutrition

  • My Fitness Pal step-by-step instructions

  • calculating calories & protein

  • info on using a food scale

  • lots of other important tips

Treat Yourself Guide

  • this guide shows you how to survive treat meals, cheat meals, restaurant eating and other types of eating!

  • now you can enjoy these meals & not feel guilty

Knockout Holiday Guide

  • Don't let holiday eating bring you down, this guide teaches you how to plan your eating & workout strategy, before, during & after!

  • Learn to enjoy the holidays!

Food Flexibility List

  • great for swapping out foods you don't like or don't have

  • want to change your meal a little, or maybe feeling a little bored, get some ideas here


  • this guide shows you how to cook meals from the meal plans

  • BONUS: lots of extra recipes to try

  • EXTRA BONUS: vegan recipes from a vegan friend!

Vitamins & Supplements

  • let's talk about vitamins & supplements

  • what are they and what are they good for?

  • how often should you take them

  • will they help me?

All You will Need is..

Knockout Body 2.0

to Sculpt Your Body Over the Next 8 Weeks....

You can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week while eating all the foods you love. And with effective, efficient workouts that make getting fit convenient… Because you will You will experience more control over your body than you’ve ever had before—shaping it the way you want…

 So here’s the deal—I don’t want you to miss out on the incredible opportunity to transform your body and life while indulging on the foods you love…

Which is why I’m going to “sweeten the pot” for you. And give you 3 bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE…that promises to give you that extra edge when you purchase Knockout Body 2.0.  Here's what you will get.....

Bonus #1

Curvy Glute Workout

  • Glute activation workouts.

  • Will give you the glutes you've always wanted!

Bonus #2

Laura's Lifting Squad

  • Join to my Private Facebook Group for success!

  • Supportive community of women!

Bonus #3

Nutrition Kickoff Seminar

  • Lots of great info about nutrition and how this is important on your new journey!

Trust me

I Know it Can Feel a Little Scary to Try Something New for Your Body...

Even when it promises incredible results. But every great transformation starts with one step of courage. And joining Knockout Body 2.0 today is your first step…

But listen—I want you to have peace of mind when you start. So you should know that I’m here with you the entire way when you say YES to Knockout Body 2.0 right now.

If you need motivation or you have a question just reach out to me. I want you to be successful, and to look and feel amazing from this day on…

You can be part of Laura's Lifting Squad like these ladies!!


Both physical & mental health have become huge priorities in my life and I've come to realize the latter is arguably more important than the former, and while the physical changes are much more apparent, I'm far more proud of the ones you can't see. Working on them both simultaneously has made me a better human, and for the first time in a long time, I'm so excited for whatever the future holds. A million thanks to Laura for quite literally changing my life! 


I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am with this program, I'll be 41 this month and have never focused on lifting like this before, my clothes are looser, and my  confidence is sky high!!   I feel so good!! Thank you for everything you do!


I just wanted to send little progress positivity to your inbox! I work like a maniac and don't get to the gym very much, but when I do I have your workout guide and do the right stuff & make better food choices.  In 6 months I was surprised to see positive changes that were easy! Best part is I'm mentally in a good place, and still making changes!  Thanks for your program and epic educational social media material!!


I just wanted to thank you so much for your plan and sare with you all that it has done for me.  I tried other plans but none that were sustainable. After buying KOB, I fell in love with the gym, I have so much more confidence and am no longer afraid to try new things!  I couldn't be happier with everything!


KOB has been LIFE Changing!  This plan is everything I have been looking for and more.  It has helped me create sustainable life-changing habits, I am no longer a victim to overeating and have learned to still enjoy my favorite things in moderation.  It has also changed my mindset, I feel the best I ever have.  I just started it again, it has so many options and is very flexible! I also love the great support system too!  Great investment, this will change your life!!


I wanted to thank you for teaching me the importance of fuelling your body and not being afraid of EATING!!  Since I joined your program, I was at 1600 calories and now I am up to 1825 calories and have found myself losing weight as I increased my calories, although unintentional.  You're the Best!!


First Time I've felt AMAZING on vacation in a long time!  After 5 days of eating and drinking, I still felt good and didn't put on weight! I'm so excited to get back in the gym and kitchen after this and see what else  I can do before summer hits.  Thanks so much for the plan!  I'm feeling confident and SUPER HOT!!


Laura, I have been doing your program for 5 weeks now and couldn't wait any longer to share my progress.  I've always struggled with my weight and to finally see some progress is fabulous.  Your plan is so easy to follow, no overthinking what foods to eat, and the exercises are great and I love how I can still have treats.  I feel so much better about myself already!  You are Amazing!! Thanks for making it so easy!

Let’s get started together! 


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So you don’t have to worry one bit about pennies and dimes and can instead focus on achieving your dream body… Because…

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Become A Leaner, Curvier And More Confident You (While Eating The Foods You Love) In 60-Days Or Your Money Back—GUARANTEED!

So now which PATH will you choose....

Path #1

Keep eating foods you hate and  continue to do 'Fit-Chick Science' Workouts with NO RESULTS!!

Path #2

Shape your Dream Body while eating foods your love, and start an amazing journey to lean out and tone your body!


Let’s get started together! 


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