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- push your butt back, make sure

  you’re lowering down at least

  parallel to the floor
- keep shoulders back, chest up
- push up through the heels
- squeeze glutes at the top
- inhale on the way down, exhale

  on the way up. This will help push

  the weight up easier.

Floor Seated Band Abduction:

- squeeze glutes hard throughout entire

  movement, keep it slow and controlled

Smith Hip Thrust:

- when pushing the weight up,

  push through your heels
- keep feet slightly turned out

  and a little over shoulder width apart
- put resistance band under the knees
- squeeze glutes hard at the top

  of the movement

Lying Leg Curl:

- keep toes pointed in order to feel

  the exercise more in the hamstrings
- make sure movement is slow

  and controlled

Cable Pull Through:

- have feet in a wide stance, over shoulder                 width apart
- push hips back and lower your upper body

  so it’s close to parallel to the floor. Let the knees

  have a small natural bend with the movement
- keep lower back tucked, do not arch your lower

  back, this better activates the glutes.
- think about moving hips forward and back

  when doing this exercises, not up and down.

  Unlike a squat where you bend your knees to

  move up and down, you want to push your hips

  back and then squeeze forward. Visualize doing

  the Smith Machine Hip Thrusts standing upright

  and that should help you with your form

Cable Kickback:

- keep lower back tucked, don’t arch

  or it will take the glutes out

  of the movement
- make sure the exercise is controlled,

  really squeeze your glutes at the top

Smith Machine American Deadlift:

- use a step to increase your

  range of motion
- position your body so you’re directly

  over the bar and it stays against your

  legs throughout the entire exercise
- keep lower back tucked through entire

  movement. Think about pushing your

  hips back and bringing them forward 
- have a small bend in the knees
- only lower bar just under the knees

  to keep muscle tension in the glutes.

-when bringing the bar up focus on

  squeezing the glutes and using them

  to bring the bar up.

Dumbbell American Deadlift:

- same steps as above for Smith        Machine American Deadlift

Banded Side Steps:

- step side to side, squeeze glutes

  throughout entire movement

Glute Bridge:

- make sure the lower back is flush

  against the floor. Keeping a posterior

  pelvic tilt protects the lower back and

  better activates the glutes.
- keep feet a little over shoulder width

  apart, push through heels on the way up
- squeeze glutes at the top

Sumo Deadlift:

- keep a very wide stance, make sure

  shoulders are not rounding forward
- push your butt back, and really

   squeeze when coming up
- keep bar against body throughout


Feet Elevated Banded Glute Bridge:

- push weight through heels, squeeze

  glutes throughout entire movement.

  Make it slow and controlled.

Banded Jump Squats:

- squeeze glutes throughout


Lying Hip Abduction:

- keep knees slightly bent, keep it

  as a small movement

Band Kickbacks:

- lean forward, pulse legs

  while squeezing glutes
- keep lower back neutral​

Seated Band Abduction:

- keep movement slow and

  controlled, squeeze glutes

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