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External Rotation:

- keep upper arm against side
- rotate from shoulder joint

- squeeze shoulder blades

  throughout movement

Internal Rotation:

- rotate from shoulder joint.

- squeeze shoulder blades

  throughout movement

Band Hyper Extension:

- squeeze shoulder blades

  on the way back

Lateral Raise:

- raise arms parallel to the ground.
- keep a small bend in the elbows,

  and wrists straight.

Overhead Press:

- important to squeeze glutes &legs

  throughout movement to

  support lower back.
- push bar up and slightly back.

Cable Side Raise:

- lean to the side, raise arm

  parallel to the ground.
- keep a small bend in the elbow.

Bar Upright Row:

- keep top of arm from shoulders to 

  elbow parallel to the ground.
- focus on the angle of your arm

  in relation to the floor as opposed

  to how high the bar is.
- keep bar close to body

  throughout movement

Dumbbell Fly:

- bend at the waist so your

  upper body is just about

  parallel to the floor
- bring arms back in “W” shape

Dumbbell Front Raise:

- raise arms parallel to the ground
- don't lock out elbows

Dumbbell Upright Rows:

- same as bar upright row.

- bring dumbbells up until your

  upper arms are parallel to the floor.

Side to Front Raise:

- don't completely lock out elbows
- squeeze shoulder blades together

  to support the shoulder joint

Machine Rear Fly:

- sit against machine and

  bring arms straight back
- keep a slight bend in elbows

- only bring arms out far enough so

  elbow doesn't go past the shoulder



Skull Crusher:

- keep upper arm in one place,

  only move from the elbow down

  to better isolate the muscle
- don't let elbows flare out

Rope Pulldown:

- keep upper arms pinned down

  against side, only move from

  the elbow down

Overhead Extension:

- don't let elbows flare out,

  keep them in as much as possible
- don't swing entire arm,

  move from the elbow down only

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