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Online Coaching 

Simple Steps To Purchase:

1. Buy Fit6 plan through Paypal for $35CDN

2. Receive email that your payment has been received.

3. Signup for a Fit6 Membership.

4. Receive email that your membership has been approved and you will have access to the entire program.

Fit6 – Workout & Meal Plan


  • 6 weeks of workouts that progress as you go along

  • Comes with videos of me doing every exercise plus form tips beside each exercise.

  • Each workout is laid out in a chart that includes sets, reps, and rest times

  • Modifications on more challenging exercises, making this program suitable for all fitness levels

  • Customizable cardio recommendations

  • Nutritional guide

  • Macro calculation guide – teaches you how to calculate your own macros manually

  • Supplement recommendations

  • My favourite recipes

  • Grocery list by macronutrient

  • All guides are PDF printable & downloadable.

  • This website is mobile friendly :)

Brand New Program!

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
 Important:  this is a Canadians only page to purchase the program and can only be accessed through Kijiji.

1. Do I need to come to this page every time I come to the website?


No, I wanted to give my Canadian customers a break, so this page allows them to pay in Canadian funds instead of USD.  After your have paid,  you can access the site from any page as a member.

2. What do I do if I am looking on other pages and move away from this page?


You can use your 'back' button to get back to this page, or you can always go back to kijiji and click on the link.

3. What if I have more questions?


You can contact me at:

Return Policy:  Sorry no refunds.

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