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Knockout Body Program

with Laura!

Introducing the Knockout Body Program

Indulge in your  cravings

Sculpt a knockout body

Workout Guides:
-6 weeks of workouts that are 45- 60 minutes long. You DON’T need hours in the gym to see results!  
-two main guides, and a beginner guide for those who are new to fitness
-program is broken down into two phases. While the main emphasis is progressive overload, rep ranges will vary throughout the program  
-These workouts are quick and intense and are comprised of supersets, dropsets, and varying rep ranges to get your metabolism FIRING up and TORCHING calories. No more long, ineffective workouts that leave you exhausted and not seeing any changes. This program lets you knockout a quick but killer workout
-detailed chart laying out exercises, sets, reps, and rest times
-workout is designed to work in a crowded gym, no supersets on multiple pieces of equipment!!
Intro Beginner Level:
Unsure if you’re experienced enough to complete this program? I got you! With the Beginner Kickstarter Program, you will learn the basic movements and build up a foundation so you can enter the full program with confidence!
Complete guide to tracking macros, and using my fitness pal, includes bonus tips and tricks:Although this plan comes with a detailed meal plan, it’s always helpful to know how to track your intake for yourself so you can switch things up if necessary. This guide is going to teach you everything you need to know to be a macro and my fitness pal expert. I will also show you how to track JUST protein and calories. This is an extremely easy, fast way to track your intake without being too nit picky and is something that’s super sustainable and easy to do.I also answer commonly asked questions in this guide such as “should you weigh foods raw or cooked” and how to estimate calories of foods using JUST your hands. This is great for when you’re eating out or being served food by other people.
Videos of all exercise as well as form tips:
It’s scary going into the gym when you don’t know how to do the exercises! I’ve been there- gym anxiety is normal and something every gym goer has experienced! No one wants to go into the gym if they don’t know what they’re doing. With my videos and form tips of every single exercise in the program you can go into the gym knowing that your form is ON POINT.
Meal Plans:
When you sign up for this plan, you first need to access the Calorie Calculator so see what your daily calories should be, then you can download the appropriate meal plan for you. No more guessing if you’re eating too much or too little, struggling to hit your protein intake, or getting macros to balance.-These meals are designed to be FUN, FAST, and FILLING. There’s TONS of variety (30 different recipes for you to choose from), they’re easy to prepare and they will leave you feeling satisfied! When you’re finished eating, you will feel full and satisfied. They also help to keep your cravings down at night. Many people struggle with night time cravings, and it’s usually due to poor meal timing and food selection during the day. I’ve set up this plan to prevent this and to set you up for success.
Exercise Substitute List (including home substitutes):Not all exercises work well for everyone and I get that! With my exercise substitution manual, you can easily swap out exercises and still get the full benefits of the program.
Cardio Guide with HIIT Routines:Cardio can be SO BORING. I’ve created some quick, fun hiit routines that will not only demolish calories but will also give you an extra booty pump and ab burn for those days you want to feel an extra burn.
Food Substitute List:Sometimes you get bored of foods or simply feel like a change up. With the food substitution list, you will see how to swap out foods in the meal plan so the recipes can remain fresh and exciting!
Info on Progressive Overload and how to track workouts:-Progressive overload is a CRITICAL key to seeing changes in your physique. If you’re not pushing your body each week to do more than the previous week, you’re missing out on some serious results.-Read these tips to ensure you get the most out of the program! Progressive overload can make or break changes in body composition!
Supplement Guide:While you don’t NEED supplements to see results, they can definitely give you a boost! As someone who deals with a lot of anxiety that has held me back in seeing results in the past, I’ve spent a lot of time finding natural supplements to reduce stress and anxiety, improve energy levels, and make you feel and look your best.
Restaurant eating, cheat meal eating/alcohol drinking guidelines:There is no reason to give up going out to eat just because you’re trying to get in shape! I will show you how to go out to eat and get foods you ENJOY (not just a plan salad with dressing on the side) while still seeing results. This is crucial to know how to do if you want to make this a lifestyle! No more envying your friends delicious meals while you pick at your plain garden salad, enjoy the fun foods while staying on track.
Vegetarian, and Vegan:I also have provided meal plans for vegetarians and vegans!
Options of protein shakes or no protein shakes: