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Did a nice long stretch this morning. I've been neglecting stretching lately which is not the greatest thing. It's so easy to just not do because by the time I do my lift, then cardio, then abs I feel like there's just not time, especially because if I want to do a proper, thorough stretch it takes about 20 minutes (which is what I did today). But obviously something is better than nothing, so my goal is to do a little bit of stretching (even if it's under 10 minutes) after each workout. I used to do the full 20 minute stretch after every workout but I no longer have that kind of time of my hands, like at that point I might as well just pack up my stuff and move into the gym 😂 so yeah that is my plan, if you are like me and also not stretching this is a friendly reminder to start 🙆🏼- 

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