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Difficult Workout?

Lately I've been trying to shift my goals to focus on strength more than how I look because I'm trying to get a healthier, more positive mindset. But every week my lifts feel more and more difficult. I now feel like I'm going backwards in terms of reaching my goals, and honestly it's extremely discouraging. I try and be positive on here and share that usually when my workout isn't good I push through anyways, but today I just felt so discouraged I left in tears because I've been having more bad workouts than good lately. I hate sounding negative and like a whiny baby but I guess I'm trying to be more transparent on here because no one is perfect. I don't want to pretend that just because fitness is my job it's always happy and easy for me, because it's quite the opposite. I feel like I kinda gave up today, but on the plus side I did end up going for a mini hike when I left my workout early just to clear my head. I'm not saying you should frequently give up because I can remember only one other time I've done this. But if what you're doing is making you miserable, it's okay to do something else that day even if it's not quite what you planned. 🖤 

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