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I've said this before and I'll say it again- if you're low on time, doing a short workout is better than doing no workout at all. Today I had not as much time as I would have liked to do my leg day, and I felt like not even doing it because I couldn't properly complete the entire thing. I am an all or nothing person and I hate just partially doing something. But I reminded myself that I'd be better off going in and doing what I can rather than just giving up completely. Life has been a little tough lately which has made it a lot more difficult to find time to get to the gym, so it's important for me to remember that something is better than nothing. Most of my posts giving out advice is usually advice I need at that point in time, which is why I'm sharing with all of you that a small workout is better than nothing. Life will get in the way at times, do what you can even if it's not as much 🤗 

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